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Professional Development

Front-End Web Developer

Online Certification Course

The Front-End Web Developer content introduces students to front-end or client-side web development technologies, including, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Participants learn how to make interactive applications that run inside a web browser and can communicate with a web server running remotely.

Participants also learn how to use the version control program Git and the collaboration website GitHub. Once complete, participants will have the basic skills necessary to work as a front-end web developer.

The Front-End Web Developer program is designed to prepare students to function as web developers in multiple technical, business, and healthcare settings. Web developers serve roles with job titles such as Web Site Developers, Web Designers, and Web Masters. This course is designed to fully prepare students to sit for and pass the Microsoft MTA 98-375 Exam. Students are eligible for an optional externship with a local employer after successful course completion.

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Learning Objectives

After completing this program, learners will be able to:

  • Applying understanding of the World Wide Web, web content creation, and web content delivery
  • Creating a basic website using HTML, CSS, styles, HTML elements, and links, video, and images
  • Installing and configuring JavaScript
  • Applying an understanding of dynamic websites and HTML5 applications
  • Using Git and GitHub in Web Development
  • Use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to develop client applications

Program Details

  • Intermediate
  • 4-6 Months
  • Mobile-Ready
Instructor-Facilitated Options
Video Lesson Presentations
National Certification Opportunity
All Textbooks & Materials
Laptops Available
24/7 Learner Support
Certificate of Completion
Externship Opportunity

Certification Opportunities

After completing this program, learners will have the opportunity to take the leading national/industry-recognized certification exam(s) essential to entry-level employment in this fast-growing field.

 Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) 98-375 HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals Certification
 National Workforce Career Association (NWCA) Front-End Web Developer (FEWD)


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